Do I have to pay council tax?

In short, it depends on what kind of student you are.    

In Halls? You don’t have to pay. 

Full-time student? Usually no, but it depends on your course, with who and where you live. 

Council tax is a charge on where you live and it's paid to the local council for the services they provide. The amount depends on the value of the property, and certain people (including most students) are exempt or eligible for a discount.  

Here are some situations where you or your housemates may be charged:                 

  • If you are a full time student but you share a property that you own. 
  • If the house is shared by full-time students, part-time students and/or non-students. Full-time students will be exempt from paying council tax – however, non-students and part-time students will have to pay. If there is only one non-student in the house, they will be able to receive a 25% single person reduction.
  • If you are a part-time student you will need to pay council tax – but you can generally get council tax support if you have low income.
  • If you live with a partner who is from the UK, EU or a permanent resident, they will have to pay council tax. In most cases, they won't have to pay if they are not in the European Economic Area, have Limited Leave to Remain in UK or are not allowed to claim Public Funds.  
  • If you are on a short course, you might have to pay.

Do I need to fill in any special forms to ensure that I’m exempt? 

No, the council will receive this information from the university, this means that normally you should not get a bill. 

If you do receive a bill, you can get a Council Tax Exemption Certificate from Student Services. 

What happens when I finish my full-time course? 

At the end of your course it’s your responsibility to tell the council that you’re no longer a full-time student. Your course ends on the last day of the published term dates for your course. 

Postgraduate Students

Full-time postgraduate students are exempt from paying council tax. You will need to start paying council tax when your registration as a student ends (this date will be on your student card). 

'Writing Up' 

As long as you can demonstrate that you meet the normal requirements for full-time study, Research Postgraduate students in their extended write up period can retain Council Tax exemption. 

Language Courses and Short Courses 

If you are studying a pre-sessional language course or a short course (such as a professional development module) you may need to pay council tax as you may not meet the criteria of a full-time student. 

If you are studying a pre-sessional course and you hold an unconditional offer from the University, you do not have to pay council tax if you live in Leeds. 

What happens if I need to take time out of my course? 

As long as you’re currently full-time and are only suspending your course and therefore intend to resume the full-time course at a later date, you should not have to pay council tax. Contact LUU Advice if you get a bill. 

For more information on this please check the Leeds City Council website.