Can I transfer module credits from another university to the University of Leeds?

Higher education courses are usually delivered as modules or units to which ‘credits’ are attached. These credits can be compared between courses and in some cases transferred between institutions.

To do this you’ll have to make sure you meet the entry criteria for a new course, and the University of Leeds might want to interview you and ask why you want to change courses. You should research the new course so you can explain why it will be better for you than your old one.

If there’s no space on the course you want to join you might have to wait until the next academic year to start. If you drop out of your previous university before then, you’re no longer classed as a student. This means you won’t be entitled to any student funding and if you live in the UK you’ll lose other benefits such as council tax exemption. 

You can read more about the national guidance on credit transfer here.