Leeds Think Tank Society


Welcome to Leeds Think Tank Society

We are dedicated to undertaking empirically driven and non-partisan policy research that centres on both local and national issues.

We aim to facilitate the engagement of students in ongoing policy dialogues by:

  1.  Encouraging students to engage critically with policy and political issues. 
  2. Publishing student-authored blog posts and Op-Eds.
  3. Helping students develop marketable skills by providing opportunities to write academically and collect/analyse data.
  4. Creating a fun and friendly space to discuss political issues.
  5. Exposing members to a broad spectrum of perspectives by holding events with speakers from a variety of political and professional backgrounds.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Macro-Policy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Urban Planning and Transport
  • Social Policy
  • Market Interventions
  • Financial Regulation

Besides the Policy Ares roles, we need editors, media managers, designers, IT, and data analysis in order to maximise our impact. If you have any of these skills and would like to boost your CV, our society is for you!

Join us and help us lay the foundations of LTT for future generations!