What happens with a second offence plagiarism?

The normal penalty for a second, ‘egregious’ (very serious) or aggravated offence is permanent exclusion from the University. Only in the event of substantial mitigation would a lesser penalty be considered.

The case would proceed in the usual way (invitation to a School meeting, opportunity to provide a statement in defence/mitigation) in the timescales as set out in the regulations here.

Where it is decided by the School that the case should come to the Committee on Applications, a penalty may be proposed and the student may be informed of the proposed penalty if the School wishes.

The Committee on Applications will hear cases (after investigation at School level): 

  • when the central accusation is denied by the student
  • where the offence merits a penalty outside the School’s remit
  • where it is a second offence  
  • where the offence is egregious or aggravated

If you have been asked to appear before the Committee on Applications we strongly advise you seek support from LUU Advice as your student status may be at risk.