My landlord comes round without notice, can they do this?

Your landlord should always give you 24 hours notice before they come round - unless you have asked them to come because of disrepair or there is an emergency.  

During house hunting season, this could be different but they should let you know how they are conducting viewings and you can be asked to be notified by text, phone call or email when someone is visiting the property. 

There should always be a purpose for a landlord to visit which includes routine inspections that can happen every three-four months but no sooner.  

If your landlord is not giving you a reason when they come round or appearing unannounced write them a polite email and ask them to give you 24 hours notice and state the purpose of their visit. 

If you have any problems with your landlord or workmen just calling unannounced and you have already asked them to give you notice, call into LUU Advice and have a chat with us.