I’m being threatened with eviction because I can’t afford to pay my rent, what can I do?

The landlord can take you to court if you owe eight weeks rent or more, or you have been persistently in rent arrears during your tenancy. Withholding rent is a breach of contract, even if you feel that you have a really good case for not making your payments. If you are withholding rent due to a housing issue please get in touch with LUU Advice.

If the case does go to court and the decision is awarded in the landlords favour, then you could have additional court fees to pay.

If you have been issued with court papers already, please get advice as soon as possible. Visit LUU Advice in the Union or email us.

Have a chat with your landlord and ask them to put things on hold for a few weeks whilst you seek advice about your money situation. Most of the time landlords would be happy to do this, as long as they feel you are trying to find a solution. Make sure you keep a written record of any discussions and keep evidence e.g. photo’s of disrepair. You will need this if any dispute continues.

If you can’t resolve the dispute with your landlord, have a chat with LUU Advice.  

If you are a UK student and need financial assistance you may be able too apply to the University's Access to Learning Fund. 

If you are an International student call into LUU Advice and have a chat about what financial support may be available.