Can I make a complaint against the police?

The police have powers that they can use against you if they think you are involved in a crime, but they should treat you with respect. If a police officer treats you unfairly or injures you, you can take action against them.

Here’s how you can make a complaint against the police:

  • You can contact any police station and ask to see the duty officer
  • You can contact the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
  • Ask a Solicitor or your MP to make the complaint for you
The IPCC website has loads of information on this.

If they accept your complaint you could get an apology and/or compensation, as well as helping to make sure that you or somebody else isn’t treated the same way in the future.

If your complaint is particularly serious, you might want to sue the police. You will get financial compensation if you win your case. You can get advice about this from a solicitor or Law Centre.

If you want any more help or support with this, just pop in and speak to LUU Advice.