LUU's Unionverse

What conversation areas are there?

Students can use our Unionverse platform to connect, engage, and participate various games taking place in various rooms.

  • Mini Map

To find your away around the map, you may want to click on the mini map button to see the mini map of the Unionverse.

You can use the Mini map to visually illustrate the platform and find your exact location, and the map will guide you to what you're looking for.

  • Culture Room

Here, you can talk about where you and others are from in our culture exchange area. You can also see numerous main attractions in Leeds that you can plan to explore.

  • Sports Room

Meet others here to discuss sports, talk about your favourite teams or play a virtual football game.

  • Music area

Visit this room to listen to songs on a playlist and practise your music skills on the virtual piano.

  • Open Mic Platform

You can come forward to entertain the audience by performing talents such as music or stand-up comedy, or shout out about your society. Please note that on this platform, you'll be broadcasting to the entire audience on the platform - so please be responsible!

  • Nature Area
    Visit this area of the map to spend some time in nature where there is open spaces to explore and sat in conversation area.

  • Technical Room
    Students can discuss new technological innovations and electronic gadgets that are now taking place around the world.

  • Social Media Room

Students can follow the current events and news at LUU on social media, as well as on the events page, where they can check upcoming events such as fruity and shows at LUU, as well as pre-book the events.

  • LGBT+ Room
    A dedicated LGBT+ space where you can hang out and meet new people.

  • Academic Area
    For students to connect with peers to talk about all things academia! Chat about your modules, electives and share your tips on your favourite spots to study on campus or around your city.

  • Environment Room
    Inspired from the events at COP26? Get together to talk about the environment, and how you might be able to make a difference as individuals. Perhaps you can exchange ideas around going plastic-free this year!

  • Resource Library
    We know it's no Brotherton Library, but you check out all the FAQs of LUU Engage website in our virtual mini library! 


  • Gaming Area

Check out all the different different games dotted around the tables and challenge your friends to a game!