I have a meeting with my Warden about disciplinary action, can I get support?

Yes, we can offer you independent advice and support at LUU Advice, although you may be able to talk to your Warden without any help. 

If you are asked to a meeting, your Warden should say what the meeting is about, e.g. if a complaint has been made against you. Always make sure you go to any meetings, if not then decisions may be made without you.

If you feel any complaints made are fair, then you can be honest - the Warden will be looking for assurances that there are no repeat occurrences. If you don’t agree, it is important that you explain why, including any necessary evidence you may have.

Wardens can refer a complaint forward for a Residential disciplinary hearing or it could be dealt with under University disciplinary procedures if deemed serious. If either of these occur it would be advisable to seek advice before any hearing date.