I’m a Research Postgrad and I’ve been accused of plagiarism what’s going to happen?

If the examiners think that the work you’ve submitted as part of your thesis, or transfer document is plagiarised they will take steps to investigate it.

In general, plagiarism in research degrees is treated as a learning issue unless it’s very serious, or in the final submission. If the University view your work as a serious case of plagiarism, this could result in you failing your degree.

The full procedure can be found on the Postgraduate Research and Operations website.

Most cases are dealt with by the School/Faculty in the first instance, depending on seriousness some are reviewed by the Graduate Board. 

The Graduate Board is able to take as long as they need to make a decision on the case. When they have come to a decision they will issue a report with some suggested actions. Actions could include:

  • Drop the case if they decide no plagiarism is present in your work
  • Withdraw you from your studies
  • Refer the thesis for viva if the viva didn’t take place or wasn’t completed, this could mean in less serious cases, that you have to resubmit your thesis 
  • Inform any journals or professional bodies who have published or considered your work, or anyone who has given you a reference
  • In very serious cases (if the University Senate agrees) to retract any previous qualifications from the University of Leeds

For more information and support, please contact LUU Advice.