Managing your Clubs & Societies: Finance

How to: LUU Activity Grant

We are excited to have allocated and ringfenced over £120,000 towards funding our amazing societies in 2021/22. This how-to will let you know more information about the LUU Activity Grant and how to apply. 

The Application Process

It's easy to apply for the Grant! Your Development and Engagement Coordinator is here to support you through the process and can provide advice on your application.

Firstly, please fill out the Grant form.

We recommend grabbing the questions off the form and typing up a draft using Word or Google Docs. This way you can collaborate as a committee and send to your Development and Engagement Coordinator for advice. When you've double checked everything, submit the form. 

There is no deadline for Grant applications as we will be reviewing them frequently throughout the year - at least twice a term. However, the Grant must be spent by the 31st July. Furthermore, there is only a finite pot of money. Therefore, we recommend putting in applications earlier in the year. 

Upon receiving the form, your Development and Engagement Coordinator will check to ensure all the basics are right; for example, the maths adds up. They will then collate all the applications and send to the Activities Executive.

The Activities Executive, will discuss and vote to either: approve, reject or send back your application. If they approve the Grant, the Activities Team will arrange for the monies to go into your Grant account. If rejected or sent back, then your Development and Engagement Coordinator will discuss with you why and work with you on another application if you wish to. Don't forget, their are lots of other opportunities for funding. 


To be eligible for LUU Activity Grant:

● Your account must not be in deficit;

● Your Club/Society must have been formed for over 12 months.

● Your Club/Society does not receive Gryphons Sport Funding.

To be eligible for LUU New Activity Grant:

● Your new Club/Society must be going through the formation process;

● Your new Club/Society must be brand new, it cannot be a reopening of a closed Club/Society

What the Grant can and can't be used for:

This list outlines what LUU allocated grant funds can be used for. There are no upper limits for the amounts that can be spent in each area. The funding must be for the benefit of the whole club/society, be for/used on your members, be for current University of Leeds students, and be specific to your club/society activity.

What you can use LUU allocated Grant funds for:

• Hire of Facilities

• Coaching/Instruction/Speaker/Staff Fees

• Transport

• Equipment/Costume Hire

• Affiliation/Entry/Workshop Fees

• Insurance

• Accommodation

• Development training fees (courses/qualifications)

• Marketing (printing/websites)

What you can’t spend LUU allocated Grant funds on:

• Clothing – personal, leisurewear or match/playing kit

• Socials, including transport for socials

• Food and/or drink

• Donations (inc. “giveaways” or paying for non-members activity)

• Anything for a “Ball” or Large Social Event

• Anything that is not specifically for the purpose of your club or society and for current members of your club or society who are students at the University of Leeds

• Anything else not included in the ‘what you can use LUU allocated Grant funds for’ list above

• Anything for the “next year” – funding must be for and spent in the current academic year.

The Form 

Section 1: About you and your Society

This section will ask you for general contact details and information about the costs associated with being an active member of your society.

Section 2: What you are applying for 

Here we will ask for information about what you're applying for. Here it helps to be as detailed as possible, including quotes and evidence of your estimated costs. You can upload documents here. 

Section 3: Impact

We will ask you how much this proposed activity would cost a student with and without the LUU Grant Funding. Furthermore, we would like to know about the funding will impact your members such as by making your society more inclusive or fun for members.