I'm worried about my exams

Preparation and Nerves

There are loads of tips out there to help you prepare for exams and cope with exam stress. Some of ours are below. For even more, go to the Skills@Leeds page on Exams.

  • Make a clear revision plan before you start and try to stick to it. If you’re prepared you’ll feel much calmer when exam time comes around.
  • Take lots of breaks, get plenty of sleep, do some exercise, reduce your caffeine intake at night time and eat plenty of healthy food. All these things will keep your energy levels and concentration in check.
  • When you get into the exam try not to panic. Take a couple of minutes to calm down, read the questions a few times and then set time aside for each. Making quick notes on the questions before you start might help jog your memory and reassure you. If you’re struggling on a certain question, leave it and come back to it later.
  • Once you’ve left the exam don’t think about it anymore - it’s done. Analysing answers with your friends and worrying about how you did will only increase stress and may affect how well you do in other exams.
  • And just remember, doing badly in an exam is not ideal but it’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself. Stressing will only use up more energy meaning you might not be able to work as well.
  • LUU Advice also put on lots of wellbeing events during the exam period to help you take time for yourself and not get overwhelmed. Have a look at what events are going on here.
  • As a University of Leeds student you also have access to the Big White Wall, which can provide you with health and wellbeing support during times of stress. 

If you experience problems before the exam

If exam stress is getting too much for you and you feel like you can't cope, talk to somebody about it. The University of Leeds Student Counselling Centre offers a drop-in service, self-help clinic and appointments for individual counselling. You could also speak to your GP if you’re struggling. 

If things in your personal life are affecting your exams let your department know and they might be able to consider that when marking your exams, search mitigating circumstances for more information. 

LUU Advice are also here for you if you'd like support. Get in touch with us on our contact details below.