Group Memberships

Participant Membership

This type of membership is for anyone who is not a current student at the University of Leeds. This includes alumni, affiliate and public members. Participant members will need to purchase Edge memberships to attend training. Please see our Engage FAQ for more information: https://engage.luu.org.uk/guides/article/JQ4/participants-within-clubs-and-societies

Expires on 31 August 2024

Membership Cost: £45.00

Second Semester Membership

Korfball Club Single Semester Membership

This Includes: 

  • Access to training.
  • Access to your allocated team training.
  • Eligible to play in the Yorkshire Korfball League (YKL).
  • This membership is valid until the end of Semester 2.

Excludes: kit, socials, tournaments, BUCS

This type of memberships is only for students at the University of Leeds who have an email address ending in @leeds.ac.uk

Expires on 31 August 2024

Membership Cost: £25.00