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A completely inclusive society for all, whether you are from Japan or have an interest in all things Japanese! Whether it's the language that interests you or the culture, we've got you covered!


Are you a Japanese student coming to study at Leeds?

Are you a student who is studying Japanese?

Are you a student who just has a general interest in all things Japanese?

If you are anyone of the above, this society is for you! We make it our mission to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which all students Japanese and non-Japanese can share their interests and make lifelong friendships. Treat us as your own little slice of Japan, outside of Japan!


Weekly Socials

Pub Social– Every Monday we have a good ole’ get together at the aptly named ‘Library Pub’ for a catch-up and a mental detox from your busy life! Whether you like alcohol or not, we are a family! All are welcome!

Monthly Socials

Pixel Bar Social-Every last Tuesday we have socials at 'Pixel Bar' as a big event in which people can socialise and play a variety of video games, Japanese and Non-Japanese. Whether you are interested in Pokemon, Smash Bros, and so on, we are always welcoming for you to join the socials!

Big Events

We also have lots of big events planned which will be posted via our social media pages closer to the time! This included a Halloween party, a Christmas party and end of the year ball. A shameless plug nonetheless, but if you aren’t already, head over to our Facebook page and join the group and follow us on our Instagram to stay up-to-date with all our events.

Contact us at luujapanese@gmail.com

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