Welcome to Commuters

The Commuters' Society was set up to support students who commute to University or live at home. We aim to improve university life for commuters by providing a network of like-minded students, accessible events and working with the university to improve inclusivity.

Our socials:

We bring together like-minded commuter students through accessible 'rush-hour socials', the aim of which is that every student (no matter their transport arrangements or distance from the centre of Leeds) should be able to attend. We achieve this by removing the focus from alcohol and ensuring events end before around 8pm. 

These events are super varied, for example, in the past, we've been to Icestone Gelato, Junkyard Golf and held quizzes, movie nights and online gaming. So there's something for everyone! The best way to keep up to date with our socials is by following us on Instagram and joining our Facebook and WhatsApp groups!

You don't need to be a member of the society to take part in our events but buying membership will give you a discount for events and let you take part in committee elections - all for a small cost of £2!

Our advocacy work:  

Beyond traditional socials, the society also works hard to improve the student experience of commuters. Ensuring commuters are included in freshers materials, holding informational welcome talks and planning and constructing a Commuters' Student Lounge on campus. These achievements show that the Commuters' Society is truly looking out for and supporting commuters at a university-wide level.  

Feel free to get in touch with us about anything. You can reach us through our social media channels, emailing committee members or our society email, luucommuters@outlook.com.