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Beginners memberships will be available to buy as an add on after the give it a go

Whether you're Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen, or you've never shot an arrow before this is the society for you! The information below is subject to change depending on COVID-19 restrictions.

Give it a go

Monday 4th October 20:30-22:30, a give it a go membership must be bought to attend


Beginners membership is £30 (a standard membership plus a £5 add on) which includes your 6 week course, 1 session a week with our Archery GB coaches where you will be provided with equipment for the session.

Sessions start 11th October 2021 (pending on information from the union) and will be every Monday and Thursday depending on which day you choose to have your session on.

Beginners Session times (Semester 1):

Mondays: 8:30pm to 10:30pm

Thursday: 8:30pm to 10pm


Experienced Membership is £25 and is for those who have completed a beginners course and or have an Archery GB card from shooting before. 

The first Experienced session is 15th October 2021 (pending on information from the union). 

Experienced Session times (Semester 1):

Fridays: 5:30pm to 7:30pm


Hall 2, the Edge

You’ll have to bring your student ID with you to be let in and attend every session to pass and be let into the Edge!


Events we are planning on having this academic year (2021/22)  include: combat archery, a Christmas shoot and as many competitions we can fit in!

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Group Memberships

Standard Membership

For University of Leeds students.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Affiliate Membership

For students at other universities in Leeds, and University of Leeds alumni.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Public Membership

For members of the public approved by LUU.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Group Events

Archery GIAG

Free taster event to try out archery. All equipment will be provided! All you need to do is get a GI...


Group Archery


Time 8:30PM

Date Mon 4 Oct

Committee Team

  • Mohammed Karolia

    Equality And Diversity

  • Arif Mumtaz

    Equipment Secretary

  • Sean Nolan


  • Sean Nolan

    Social Secretary

  • Mohammed Karolia

    Traditional Secretary

  • Jessica Swinton