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Beginners course sold out. Next GIAG and beginners course in September.

(if you bought a membership but haven’t got the beginners course and haven’t shot before then put through an expense for the price of your membership and email the activities office to get your membership cancelled.)

Whether you're Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen, or you've never shot an arrow before this is the society for you!


Beginners membership is £60 (a standard membership plus a £20 add on) which includes your 6 week course, 1 session a week with our Archery GB coaches where you will be provided with equipment.

Sessions start week commencing 5th February 2024 and will be every Thursday.


Experienced Membership is £40 and is for those who have completed a beginners course and or have an Archery GB card from shooting before. 

The first Experienced session is 5th October 2023 and then every Thursday and Friday after until the end of the beginners course. 

Upon completion of the beginners course all members are welcome to shoot at any session. This will start week commencing 18th of March.

Session Times:

Monday: 20:30-22:30

Thursday: 20:30-22:30 (beginners only 8th February - 14th March)

Friday: 17:30-19:30


Hall 2, The Edge


Events we are planning on having this academic year (2023/24)  include: a Christmas shoot, Christmas meal/ party, end of year meal/ party and as many competitions we can fit in!

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Contact us at luuarch@gmail.com

Do not turn up if you’ve never shot before and haven’t bought a beginners membership - we don’t have enough equipment to accept additional members and you’re not allowed to shoot without having first completed a beginners course.

Archery GB Sign Up

Once you have bought your membership fill out the form to get signed up for AGB


Updated 06/02/2024