Artificial Intelligence Society


Welcome to Artificial Intelligence Society

Welcome to the AI Society at Leeds! 

Supporting each other?

As a collective of those running AI societies around Leeds, the society is a connection point for different groups spread across the university. As such, the society welcomes representatives from other groups onto the committee. Ultimately, we aim to give all those involved in AI a bigger voice and platform to advertise and publicise.

What We Offer?

Events: We run hackathons, coding workshops (all levels welcome), we have talks from experts in AI, plus we do many other events like quizzes, co-working, and laid-back socials where you can chat and chill with others.
Careers: Thinking about working with AI after uni? We can help you meet the right people and find out what the AI job scene looks like.
Everyone’s Welcome: It doesn't matter what you study or what experience you have, we want to hear everyone's voice.

Why You Should Join?

Meet Great People: Make friends, meet mentors, and get to know professionals who are doing cool things with AI.
Learn and do: We talk about AI in ways that can touch on pretty much anything – health, the planet, tech, social issues, you name it.
Have a Say: What we do is up to you, too. Your ideas matter, and they help shape our society making it better for everyone.

Ready to get involved? Come join us at the AI Society at Leeds.