Group Products

Gryphon Tote + £3 donation

£ 7.99 GBP

You get the point. We need some money. We'd appreciate if you could give us £3. 

Gryphon Tote + £2 donation

£ 6.99 GBP

A little more cheek from us….what's the difference between £1 and £2? Please consider donating 2/5 the worth of a pint. 

Gryphon Tote + £1 donation

£ 5.99 GBP

We're being cheeky here. It costs a lot to print the paper and we are completely independently funded- please consider chucking us some change!

Gryphon Tote

£ 4.99 GBP

Do you carry things? Do you like The Gryphon? Well, we've got the bag for you! 

Carry your copies with this limited edition tote bag design!