EngSoc Christmas Pub Quiz and Raffle

Group English
Venue Function, LUU
Starts Mon 11 Dec 6:00PM
End Mon 11 Dec 10:00PM

On the 11th of December from 6pm until 10pm in Function, the bar will be open to grab drinks hence the 'pub' part of our christmas quiz and raffle night.

Are you a scrooge if you don't treat yourself to a fun and casual night out??? 🤔🤔

Tickets will be up on our engage soon! We will let you know when!
- £3 for members
- £5 for non-members

There will be an OPTIONAL dress code of wearing a Christmas Jumper (don't feel pressured to wear one but also please wear one if you wish 🥰🥰)

We look forward to seeing you there!!

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