Student Money Week 2024

Group Wellbeing
Venue Leeds University Union
Starts Thu 7 Mar 3:00PM
End Thu 7 Mar 5:00PM

This year’s theme is Less Risk, More Reward: Maintaining your financial wellbeing at university, and we’re running the campaign from 4th to 8th March 2024. There will be a range of activity down in Union Square, as well as some specific events, which you can read about below:

Thu 7 Mar 4:00 PM (Room 2, LUU building)- Joblink’s guide to work, money and bagging a part time job:

  • What are your employment rights
  • side hustles and how to make money on the side
  • what the £$+~ is NI, tax and how to understand your payslip
  • Where to save to pennies
  • CV and application advice so you can stand out from the crowd
  • What is a recruitment agency
  • Info about upcoming Summer work on campus and at festivals

Thu 7 Mar 3:00-4:00PM Webinar link

Meet Eden, (alumni of UofL) who will explain what to do if you are missing pay from and employer and how they are on a mission to solve the issue.

Eden has first hand experience of juggling student life with work and how some employers can short change you.

This Webinar will feature more info about the WAC pp (free to use and download) and how you can manage your work, money and time.

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