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Synchronised Swimming society is a fun and relaxed environment that gives university students the chance to continue synchronised swimming training past the age of 18 or start the sport from the beginning. We are an exciting water based sport combining dance, swimming, ballet and gymnastics.

We provide pool training with a focus on technique and routines, aimed at keeping up experienced swimmer's technique and getting beginners doing routines. We also offer varied land training reflecting the different aspects of synchronised swimming.

Synchronised swimming is also a sport that is relatively unknown compared to others at the university, so we aim to get more people involved and allow new swimmers, who may not have known about the sport in the past, to give it a go. 

The way that synchronised swimming works in this country focuses on children and it is very difficult for adults to continue training (multiple times a week) unless they are elite level. This society provides the opportunity for swimmers to continue their training past the age of 18. We aim in the future to provide competition experiences.

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