High on Life

General Interest

Welcome to High on Life

We offer a wide range of alcohol free socials, with an event each week which many societies do not offer! Our society welcomes everyone, regardless of whether or not you drink

Some examples of our frequent events are bingo, bowling, and quizzes with some of our popular recent events being plant pot painting, a Pixel Bar gaming social and a murder mystery night. Check out our social media to see what else we get up to and get some inspiration.

We have some members only events to make sure that you get the most out of your membership, whilst also having some events open to everyone. We often subsidise member's tickets for paid for events such as bowling to add further value to your membership!

Most events are free for members or £2 for non-members. With memberships being only £5 for the year, you only have to attend 3 events throughout the whole year to make your money back! Memberships can be purchased here

So come join our 100+ members and make friends with like-minded people by socialising in an alcohol-free environment

You can also receive the most up-to-date information about our events by following us on our social media platforms which you can find by clicking on our Linktree

Contact us at highonlifesociety@gmail.com or using our socials