High on Life

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About Group

Our society is open to all people regardless of whether or not you drink. We offer a wide range of events, with an event each week! We put on events such as bingo, bowling, quizzes and much more. 

We have some members only events to make sure you get the most out of your membership, whilst also having some events open to everyone. So come along and make some friends, show that sober events don’t have to be boring, and that socialising at university is possible without drinking alcohol!

You can also receive the most up-to-date information about our events by following us on social media or joining our Discord which you can find by clicking the website link which takes you to our Linktree. 

Contact us at highonlifesociety@gmail.com

Group Memberships

Standard Membership

For University of Leeds students.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Affiliate Membership

For students at other universities in Leeds, and University of Leeds alumni.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Public Membership

For members of the public approved by LUU.

Expires on 31 August 2022

Committee Team

  • Emma Beesley


  • Lucy Williams


  • Catalina Cepeda Pena