Students Against Sexual Harassment & Assault (SASHA)


Welcome to Students Against Sexual Harassment & Assault (SASHA)

Hi! Welcome to SASHA - Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault. We hope to offer a safe space for anyone no matter your gender, race, sexuality or experiences. Our main goal is to create change through raising awareness and campaigning against a variety of issues related to the dominating r*pe culture in our University as well as our wider community, through talks, workshops and protests. We also host socials and activities for members to get to know each other and have a chat! 


Our membership is £3 for the year, which largely is donated to SARSVL, but also helps us to create resources for our members and plan other fundraising events.

If you are struggling financially or have any queries, drop us an email at and we can organise something for you!


We will have weekly Tea and Chat sessions on Wednesdays in Room 1 in LUU 4pm-6pm! Check our Instagram and weekly newsletter for updates, in case the allocated room or time changes slightly.

We would love for you to join, and hope to see you soon! The SASHA Committee