Adventist Students on Campus


Welcome to Adventist Students on Campus

We are a friendly, Christian faith society, who aim to help students gain a well-rounded education and find a family away from home. We believe in a holistic approach to student life and work together to help students excel in their academics, health and social and spiritual lives.

We work to support every student on campus and warmly welcome all faiths and cultures. We look forward to meeting you soon!

What we believe

Our denomination of Christian faith is called Seventh-day Adventist. The foundations of what of we believe are based solely upon the Bible; and we strive to live our lives in accordance with these beliefs.

What does our name mean?

The ‘Seventh-day’ is on our name means we worship on the seventh-day of the week or the Sabbath (from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) in accordance with fourth commandment (Exodus 20:11).

And the ‘Adventist’ in our name means we believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:7, John 14:3).

What we do

Join us every Friday for "CARE Group", a time where we come together for a home cooked meal, share with other students and learn simple lessons from the Bible and how they apply in our daily lives.

Other Things:

– Nature walks, hikes and exploring Yorkshire!

– Community service and Volunteering opportunities

– Weekly group study session- a great place to gain accountability in studying our respective course content while with friends who help you to focus and keep motivated.

– Praise & worship night

– Regular socials – Bowling, Games Nights, Day trips, Movie Night

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