Leeds Medics Climbing


Welcome to Leeds Medics Climbing

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned climber, we at Leeds Medics Climbing are an open and inclusive society who aim to encourage people of all abilities to be able to improve their climbing skills. We cater towards healthcare students with busier timetables, with our sessions timed to accommodate placement and other busy schedules, but are open to all!

With the new academic year coming up we are excited to meet our new members for 2023-2024 please have a look at our social media where we will update you on our upcoming 'Give It A Go' which will be aimed at anyone new interested in joining the society. Whether you've never been to a climbing wall before or you're a seasoned climber come along and say hi! :)

Our weekly schedule consists of meeting on Wednesdays from 5pm at a range of climbing gyms including The Lab, The Big Depot and Armley Depot to spend a few hours bouldering, before heading down to the pub or grabbing some food afterwards for a catch up. 

We also head to more specialist climbing centres to practice and teach more advanced skills. This includes rope climbing on higher walls and belaying fellow climbers from the ground. Once you're competent in these we'll move on to lead climbing which involves clipping in your rope as you ascend the wall.

Later this year we'll also be running trips to some local outdoor hotspots, including bouldering at Ilkley and Almscliff Crag to rope climbing at Hetchell Woods along with some weekend trips along the way.

Members get exclusive discounts at local climbing gyms and can join us on our trips and socials.