X-Posure (Medics and Dentists)


Welcome to X-Posure (Medics and Dentists)

In 2015, X-Posure, the Leeds Medical School undergraduate society for Radiology was founded by a group of students, who wished to demonstrate to their peers how expansive and interesting the specialty was, and to encourage them to consider radiology as a future career.

The city of Leeds has long been a radiological centre of excellence; something the founders wished to make more of the Leeds medical students aware of. Particularly, it may be noted that the students, as well as wanting to raise awareness of radiology, wished to help all students have an increased exposure to the specialty itself.

At Leeds, students do not spend much time with radiologists on placement; they only receive a four day block tucked in to an elderly rotation in their 3rd year, which even then provides a varied experience from trust to trust. Thus, by founding the society they hoped to give all years equal chance to explore radiology, receive the same learning opportunities and share enthusiasm for the specialty.

We aim to organise talks and presentations, small group teaching sessions and provide opportunities to shadow leading clinicians in the field. We also hope to further insights into Interventional Radiology, a specialty very closely linked with radiology. Along with the vision from the founding chair, X-Posure holds the annual Yorkshire Imaging and Interventional Radiology Symposium (YiiRS)