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Welcome to the Leeds University Union Nintendo and Pokemon Society! 

We in NAPSoc are a group brought together by our shared interest in Nintendo's game franchises, and a slight bias towards Pokemon.

Socials are twice a week whether they be for casually playing games together, watching movies, and just chatting and socialising... or more formal events like quizzes and mini-tournaments. We organise a Pokemon Draft League every year for those with a competitive itch, too!

Whether you'd consider yourself a fan big, small, or hardly at all, we hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer.

Join us!

Mondays - 6:15pm - 9pm, Maurice Keyworth SR 1.32
We will typically gather at the 'wavy bacon' statue near the Union around 6pm, and then walk to the room for the social itself together. Ideal if you don't know where to go or want company!

Fridays - in our Discord server, from 7pm 
(also linked below as "Website")

We will always post updates on socials and other events in the Discord and in our Facebook group, so do join either or both to be in the know! 

The Discord server is also a good place to talk to people or find people to play games online with anytime. We highly recommend joining if you can.


Membership costs £5 for a year. None of our socials/events etc. are exclusive to members, However, in return for membership, we offer:

- A Member role in our Discord
- Free entry to events with any raffles, prizes, etc. 
- Subsidised prices for other events, trips etc. which may have costs.
- Nintendo Switch Online (Standard) for the year, via Family Group* well as our deepest gratitude for your support of the society!

*When you buy membership there are a few questions, and one asks whether you'd like Online. If you pick 'yes', we'll contact you to get you into one of our Family Groups.

We are also looking into partnerships with stores around Leeds for potential deals and discounts for members. This takes some work, so please bear with us and watch this space.


If you'd like to contact any of us on the Committee then you can find us in the Facebook group or in the Discord server. You can email any one of us too: 

Dan -
Matt -
Thomas -
Louis -

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