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Welcome to Nintendo and Pokemon

Welcome to the Leeds University Union Nintendo and Pokémon Society! 

We in NAPSoc are a group brought together by our shared interests!

Our socials are on Mondays from 6pm til' 8:30 in Maurice Keyworth SR 1.32.
Some of us gather at around 6pm before going to the room, so if you don't know where to go or want to go along with people, feel free to come along there first! We'll share our whereabouts on our social media. 

Socials can include a wide range of things ranging from...
- multiplayer game sessions (Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Mario Party, or even Jackbox)
- movie nights
- quizzes 
- mini-tournaments (e.g. Pokemon Showdown) even scavenger hunts or informal presentation nights!

For those with a real competitive itch, every summer we hold a Pokémon Draft League which has continued to be successful and enjoyable for all who get involved - even those who wouldn't have considered themselves competitive Pokemon players! 

We're always striving to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, so whether you're a big fan, small... or hardly at all, we'd love to meet you.

Join us!
Any student is free to come along to our socials on Mondays. 

Our Discord server is the perfect place to talk to or find people to play games with online anytime, so we highly recommend joining it!

You can do so here -

Also be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages where we'll post news about events and socials as they happen. 
All of our social media can be found here on our linktree -


Membership for LUU Nintendo and Pokemon Society is FREE! 

With membership, you can also optionally purchase...

- Nintendo Switch Online (Standard) via our Family Plan system! (£5)
- our Switch Game Library Card (£3)
These are available on our Products page here on LUU Engage.


If you'd like to contact any of us on the Committee then you can find us in the Discord server. Our Instagram and Facebook page DMs are open, and you can email any one of us too: 

Ollie -
Mae -
Sian - 
Daniel -
Sy -