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The University of Leeds African-Caribbean Society (ACS) is a society bounded by the celebration and education of African and Caribbean culture; a home away from home and a pathway to cultural enlightenment.

Our mission is to make our members more professionally and socially aware of themselves. We aim to challenge stereotypes and break boundaries for our members and this begins with internal evaluations of ourselves through debates and culturally relevant talks and events. ACS is the place for fun, growth, and family.

Ultimately we, as a society, aim to showcase the beauty of African and Caribbean society at the university and the wider black community in Leeds. ACS provides a place of solidarity for black students at the university, alongside being an open space to meet like-minded individuals.


Despite the restrictions that have been implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still intend to hold an array of phenomenal events for our members. This year, we have planned plenty of social events to allow our members to get to know each other, whilst sharing and enjoying each other’s cultures, like girls/guys nights and games nights. In addition to this, as a means of successfully aiding our members in developing their own personal brands, we have planned many academic events with the aid of our fantastic sponsors. This is in the hope of giving Africans and Caribbean’s at the university excellent experience and skills that will be transferable into the working world.

In addition to this, we are extremely excited about all of our mentorship schemes that will be opening up this year!

In the 2021/22 academic year, we intend to hold some of the following events:

ACS Give It A Go

Teach me how to

Our Annual Legacy Cultural Showcase

Girls/Guys Nights

Variety Fair with Leeds Entrepreneurs and the Leeds Business School


Termly ACS Movie Nights and Games Nights

ACS Northern Affair Ball (Joint with Bradford, Manchester, Leeds Beckett & Sheffield)

Take Me Out (Joint with Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds Beckett, and York)

ACS Sports League

Debate Night 

Summer BBQ


It’s very easy to become a member of the ACS and take advantage of the numerous benefits we have to offer. With ACS membership, you are eligible to a whole host of discounts across numerous black businesses in Leeds!

We also offer incredibly affordable prices with £8 for a one-year membership or £20 for the sports membership included.

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