Leeds Medics and Dentists Snowsports Society (LMADSS)


Welcome to Leeds Medics and Dentists Snowsports Society (LMADSS)

Welcome to University of Leeds Medics and Dentists Snowsports Society!!!


We run an annual trip to the Alps for you to ski all morning and party the night away, on top of a bunch of fun socials that allow you to meet everyone before you go and catch up with the friends you made afterwards. 

You might be thinking "Why LMADSS and not Snowriders???" Well not only do we provide friendly faces in the Worsley Building but we're a smaller, close-knit society aimed at medical and dental students' timetables, ensuring our trips and socials take place when we have the time (meaning that you don't miss any lectures/clinics/observation.)

But don't fear! You don't have to be a medic/ dentists to join up, we have members from all over the University and would love to have you all.

We're welcoming to all levels of skiing/snowboarding and even have lessons on offer for those who are completely new to the sport or feel like they want some extra help. 

If you have any questions, come and meet us at a social where we will be happy to answer anything, or Instagram direct message us and we will respond as soon as we can. 

Excited to see you all soon! :)


Issy, Phoebe, Joe, Barney and Abby :) x