Welcome to Extended Reality XR

Interested in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality? Want to meet fellow enthusiasts, prepare for a career in the XR industry, and, most importantly, have fun?

Leeds Extended Reality Society (LXRS) is for you.

We are a society dedicated to building a network of students interested in XR technology. Every semester, we will be hosting talks, seminars and workshops by academics and industry professionals, offering you clarity and insight into the complex world of XR. Alongside these events, we will also be running weekly informal and themed meetings, where one week you can race fellow members in the latest VR driving games, and immersive yourself in groundbreaking VR cinema the next.

We will be working closely with the Centre of Immersive Technologies in HELIX, the University of Leeds’ new XR space, to help you grow professionally and expand your educational experience at Leeds.

Membership Benefits

Our annual £5 membership offers many benefits:

  • Free workshops, talks and seminars
  • Access to high-end VR headsets
  • Weekly fun and themed meetings in which you can play VR games and watch VR films
  • Opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow enthusiasts 
  • Chance to network and develop professionally
  • Weekly newsletter covering the VR industry in the UK
  • Loyalty card with various perks, including the chance to win your own VR headset

How do I get involved? 

Simply by coming along! Visit us at the Freshers Fair in September, where you can find out more and sign up. You can also purchase a membership online.

In addition, we will be hosting a “Give It A Go” session in October, offering you the chance to try the society for free!

How do I get notified of events?

Through these platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn
  • LUU Page

Any questions? 

Contact us on the above platforms, or send an email to extendedrealityxr@luu.group!


We can't wait to have you onboard!