Welcome to Karate

Karate is a Japanese martial art, originating from the Japanese island of Okinawa. Just as the Japanese “Karate” (空手) means “empty hand”, karate practitioners focus mainly in unarmed combat using strikes with their hands, feet, knees and elbows. However, karate also includes a range of throwing, grappling, and locking techniques, making it a well-rounded martial art.


More about us
As our members are experienced in a variety of different karate schools, we practice a range of styles including shotokan and shito-ryu. If you want to continue training in a particular style of karate, or fancy trying something new, you have the chance to do so. In our club we train in basic techniques (kihon), forms (kata), sparring (kumite) and self-defense. Our comprehensive curriculum is tailored for all skill levels, so if you are a seasoned karate-ka, or a beginner to martial arts, you will definitely be able to follow along and improve!

Our club is all-inclusive, and we believe that a supportive and fun environment is key to learning karate (alongside a good commitment to regular training!).

We hold gradings roughly every 3 months, so if you are starting out as a beginner, you have the chance to earn a black belt in about 4 years! Gradings are decided depending on the skill and attitude of the students, but aren’t compulsory, so everybody is encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Throughout the year we regularly attend competitions across the country, consisting of kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). Every year we also compete in the British University and Colleges Sport competition (BUCS for short), where we have consistently placed in the top three for either kata or kumite. Despite this, attending competitions is completely optional, and if you are unsure on whether to compete, we can point you towards more beginner-friendly competitions.

Getting started
The easiest way to get involved in our club is coming to one of our training sessions. Some comfortable loose-fitting clothing and eagerness to learn something new is all you need to get started. Once you arrive speak to any of the black belts or the committee members so we can get you started.

Training Times:

We train every week on Sundays 17:30-19:30 in the Edge studio 2.


£3 - one session

£20 - 10 sessions

£20 - Membership

You can find out more about our club by emailing us at leedsunikarate@gmail.com, or by checking out our facebook group, and instgarm!