Welcome to History

Welcome to the Leeds University Union History Society!

We are the largest Arts society on campus and are the best place to get to know your fellow course-mates and people simply interested in history to make the most of your time at Leeds!

Socials and Events

We have an array of socials throughout the year, from our club nights, pub quizzes, academic talks to our famous Winter Ball and annual Trip Abroad. Our Winter Ball is the highlight of the HistSoc calendar and is a spectacular evening to get dressed up, dined and party with other members.

If you are wondering how to meet more people on your course or would like to spend your time around like-minded people, then the wide variety of socials we hold means there is something for everyone to get involved!


Alongside our socials we have the famous HistSoc Netball and Football team (a force to be reckoned with on the pitch). We play in the University league against other societies, and it is a great way to enjoy the sport with fellow history students.


Our membership for the year is £20 (which is an absolute steal for what you can do with it), which allows you access to socials and events that the society holds. As a member you get the following perks:

  • Full access to society held socials throughout the year
  • Heavily discounted tickets for ticketed events
  • Priority discounted tickets for the Winter Ball
  • Priority tickets for the Trip Abroad
  • Access to our Careers Networking Event
  • Access to join our Netball and Football Squads


Keep a close eye on our social media handles for more information on everything we do and any events we hold, you can pop us a question on there or by our email Hissoc@leeds.ac.uk

We hope you join the LUU HistSoc family and look forward to seeing you!