Welcome to Big Open Party

Big Open Party?

We are a vibrant cultural collective of students at the University of Leeds who are from the UK and around the world. We aim to highlight the musical, artistic, and culinary skills of Leeds' people of colour and culture!  Our party is all about promoting and strengthening cultural diversity. In addition, we provide a safe judgemental-free space for POC (People Of Colour). All are welcome to learn, connect, celebrate different cultures and make new friends - the more the merrier! We can guarantee that there is a social for you where you will meet interesting amazing like-minded individuals like yourself. Our socials range from culturally inspired events, speed friending, study sessions, workshops, open mic, games night, pizza night and laser tag - we could go on and on, but join us and find out the rest for yourself!


Student membership is £3 and participant membership is £4.

With our membership, you get access to:

•Free or discounted tickets to our events

•Member-only exclusive prize raffles

•Pearls: You pay the regular drink price in exchange for a large drink, OR one free topping!*

•Lievitoo: 10% off any other day and 20% off on "Italian Thursdays" - only valid on Thursdays*. 

•Bad Chick Leeds - 10% discount code.*

Currently in the works of adding more :)

*These discounts apply in-store only. Bad Chick Leeds is a halal takeaway.

Social media?

To see what we are up to, find out more or for chat, follow us on all socials @bopsocluu and contact us there or via email at bopsocc@gmail.com. We also have a group chat which you can join, get in touch with us and we will add you! We're currently showcasing the creative talents of people of cultures so please contact us if you’re a writer, musician, photographer or artist looking for a platform or even a society looking to expose your members' culture to a wider and diverse audience. 

See you soon :)

Discriminatory remarks are not tolerated.