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For any enquiries please contact us on our social media platforms or via email here:

BOP Soc aims to:

- Provide a culturally mixed space on campus.

- Showcase the musical, artistic and culinary talents of people of colour and culture in Leeds. 

- Inspire and create diversity amongst students.

What does this mean?

As we have such a high degree of diversity amongst our members, some members are interested in our more creative events, such as art nights and others come for our cultural events such our 'wear your culture' event.

However, as long as you like to meet interesting people - we'll have something for you. we plan to not just provide a space for individuals to learn about different cultures, but also provide a safe and fun environment for individuals to make new friends and in turn learn about different cultures through them.We celebrate and connect on the different aspects of our cultural backgrounds. We're currently showcasing the creative talents of people of culture so please contact us if you’re a writer, musician, photographer or artist looking for a platform or even a society looking to expose your members culture to a wider and diverse audience.

Events are for all levels and we welcome everyone. The more the merrier!! :D

Follow us on social media and join our WhatsApp group chat to find out more about some of the special socials, some in collaboration with other cultural societies, that we plan to host :)


Weekly social! So far we've had game nights and pizza nights - More to come ;).

Some of the typical events we host are;

Annual Open Mic

Games Nights

Cultural Quiz Nights

Treasure Hunts


Laser Tag

Gigs or attending other cultural societies' events

Standard Membership:

£3 for the whole academic year

By becoming a member of BOPSoc you can expect access to free and discounted events as well as access to member-only exclusive prize raffles.

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