Welcome to Skate

Whether you've never stepped on a skateboard or can already switch treflip 50-50 on a handrail, we're a society that indulges in the spirit of skateboarding.

AKA: being yourself and having fun whilst you do it!

Information about our day-to-day skating sessions and the multitude of other exciting events we put on every month is easily accessible on our Facebook.

Our ethic

We understand that going to a skate park for the first time is an intimidating experience, especially if you have never skated before. The heart of what we want to do as a society is overcome long-standing barriers of elitism and gender division to make a space for EVERYONE to experience the sickest sport human beings have to offer.

Skate Society was formed specifically to be a group that welcomes and unites all skaters, whatever your aptitude, in a friendly environment perfect for bonding with like-minded people and improving your skills.

Look out for socials, events and other skating-related news on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


General Membership: Free

Socials/events Membership (Discounted/free entry to socials and events): £10