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We envision increasing awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Ultimately we want to bring Leeds as a forefront in this revolutionary landscape!

From banking to voting to social media, blockchain technology has a vast array of potential applications. Whether you want to learn more about the current and future uses of blockchain technology or discuss the economics of cryptocurrencies, LUUCABS is the place to be. No matter what degree discipline you’re pursuing, if you’re keen to increase your commercial awareness, entrepreneurial skills and join a community of trailblazers, then make sure you join our society! After all, it’s free.

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Socials and Networking

Be a part of an open and inclusive community with the very best socials in the midst of Covid 19 from: Virtual Pub Quizzes, Escape Rooms, Mythbusters with giveaways, movie nights and more!

Q&A and networking sessions with industry leaders and experts during events/conferences


A standard one-year membership is free.

Events and Initiatives

All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain – Series of webinars that will significantly increase your know-how on blockchain and crypto-assets. Events include Cryptocurrency trading workshops (safe ways to buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies), Coding workshops (how to code on the blockchain). We’ll also cover all the basics on smart contracts, crypto mining, and the key takeaways from the DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology.

Discovery lectures – what are cryptocurrencies? what is the blockchain? Why do cryptocurrencies have value? How can blockchain change the world?

Forums of discussion through debate competitions around regulation of blockchain, sustainability of the Bitcoin network or even examining the Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work framework, and many more!

Industry Dive Series – Industry experts giving in-depth talks about a vast array of sectors implementing cryptocurrency or blockchain ranging from Fintech to the Medical sector. Move this fourth bullet point up to the third place.

Be involved with Blockchain conferences hosted in collaboration with other UK Blockchain societies (KCL, Oxford, York)

Exposure to Internships, hackathons and career networking in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

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For students at other universities in Leeds, and University of Leeds alumni.

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