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Come and join the BIGGEST Anime community in Yorkshire! - We have over 1,500 members, come join us today!

The Anime and Manga Society is a society dedicated to Anime (Japanese animation), Manga (Japanese comics), Visual novels and many other aspects of East Asian popular culture.

Even if you don’t know what Anime is, you may have heard of some popular series like Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Naruto and Dragon Ball!

Come join us over on our discord to find out more:

Contact us at

Weekly Events

During term time, we will have weekly online Anime showings every Thursdays that begin at 6:00 PM and will finish at around 9:00 PM!

You guys will vote on whichever anime you would like to watch from our list based on suggestions posted in our anime suggestions channel over on our discord

Everything is played at the highest resolution quality that we can find and streamed online through one of our partners, Tutturu.

Our members’ favourite shows in 2017/2018 included Death Parade, Juuni Taisen and Megalo Box.

Some popular titles that we watched during 2018/2019 were Zombieland Saga, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and Noragami, to name a few!

If you like the sound of those, please come along and join us!

If you want to find out about the showings (or any of our other events), or just want to have a pre-showing chat, come and meet us over on our discord! We welcome everyone and anyone, regardless of the level of anime knowledge you may have or if you’re studying at The University of Leeds or not! Come and join us!

Regular Monthly Events

Watch out for our weekend Anime film days, Restaurant visits, Ice skating, Karaoke, Bowling trips, Cosplay & Drawing Workshops and joint events with other societies like our Halloween Geek Night Party!

Membership Benefits

Membership is only £4 for the year and you get 5% off at Geek Retreat, 10% off everything at Travelling Man and Forbidden Planet.

We have are also collaborating with Pearls, the Bubble Tea shop downstairs in the Student Union! Show a valid Anime & Manga Membership card and get a free upgrade on your drink! You can either choose between upgrading your drink from a medium to a large for free, or you can choose an extra topping!

A membership will also give you access to our ever-expanding library of Anime, Manga and Visual Novels – Some of our popular manga include series including Berserk, Dragon Ball, Food Wars, One Punch Man, and much, much more! (This will be back in place after we can start meeting up from Corona)

We’ve also partnered up with Little Tokyo! Get 10% off all eat in and collection orders if you flash your membership card. Not only that, if you’re booking for a table of 6, get free large sake for the table.

We also offer our members exclusive discounts at our events – For our end of year meal we went to Blue Sakura and managed to secure an amazing discount for our members along with karaoke afterwards.

If you’re interested, whether you’re completely new to anime or have been watching it for years, come on down and check us out- we’re a very inclusive and friendly bunch! It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and you certainly don’t have to join straight away. Come along and give us a try! We don’t bite!

Any questions? Contact Us on

Join us on Facebook for updates on Anime, Manga, our society’s Events and Socials! We also have a Twitter, a Discord server and a Newsletter that you can sign up for regular information about our upcoming events.

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