Welcome to Rowing

Welcome to the University of Leeds Boat Club. We welcome rowers of all abilities and experience!

Whether you have never rowed before or you are a complete veteran, our ever-growing fleet and boathouse mean we have the facilities to cater for all. You can join one of the competitive racing squads (for beginners who haven’t rowed before and seniors) or if you’d prefer a more relaxed, social approach, we have our Senior and beginner recreational squads too.

Contact us at captain@uolbc.co.uk

Senior Racing Squad

Our senior racing group is open to anyone with more than 6 months rowing experience. It allows you to get out what you put in. If you’d like to do some and not all of the training but attend a variety of regional races you can. For those aspiring to bigger events like BUCS, Tideway heads and Henley we have a performance group within the squad who commit to more training and also benefit from performance services such as S&C, physio & sports massage. Training is most days with most of our water sessions at the weekend (the full timetable in our Teams group).

Senior Recreational Squad

Our senior racing group is open to anyone with more than 6 months rowing experience. If you’d like to just get rowing for social and health benefits with an opportunity each term to race, you could join our recreational group where you are able to come to up to 3 water sessions a week and are also welcome to attend ergs with our senior racing group in senior erg slots and whole club circuits. The full timetable can be found on our teams page.

Beginner Racing Squad

If you’d like to join our highly successful racing group that has consistently won BUCS medals you will have the option of a few more training sessions. It all starts with 1 water session a week but the chance to move up to do 3-4 sessions by the second semester - but only if you want to go to big national events. If you’d like some regional racing there isn't a minimum commitment level. Session times include before lectures Tues-Fri and Saturday at 12pm or 2pm. We also have indoor sessions on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings on campus.

Beginner Recreational Squad

If you’d like to learn to row recreationally, you can get out on the water on either a Wednesday afternoon or Sunday morning, with the option of indoor rowing also. No minimum commitment, just enjoy learning a new sport at a pace that suits you. Full timetable is on the teams channel.


If rowing is not for you… how about coxing? We welcome coxes of all experience and we will provide coxing coaching to help develop all our coxes, allowing you to steer your crew to success.


We offer lots of opportunities for coaching, whether at the boat club or with our partners in the community. Each year we offer four students the chance to become coaching scholars who receive funding as well as a structured development programme, including the opportunity to complete their level 2 coaching award.

Land and Social membership

If you are wanting to get involved with our large, social club but rowing on the water is not for you, why not join as a land based member? This gives you access to all of our social events and our whole club circuit session. It will give you an insight and experience training to the standard required for rowing.


The club trains out of Leeds Boat House which is located in Stourton in the South East of Leeds. It has a modern £1.1 million boathouse situated on a 4km stretch of canal that is safe to row throughout most the year being sheltered from winds and not prone to flooding. The club owns a fleet of 26 boats stored at the boathouse. It takes just 10 minutes driving or 20 minutes cycling to reach the boathouse from campus. There is a gym on site with 12 rowing ergometers, as well as access to 10 club ergos on campus at Cromer Terrace fitness suite in addition to those available in the Edge. The club also uses Cromer Terrace fitness suite for its circuit training sessions.