Music Album Review


Welcome to Music Album Review

Hello and welcome to the Leeds Album Review Society! 

This is a newly formed society, created in the hopes of bringing people together through the love of music. During first year, we noticed that there weren't really any societies for people who simply just appreciate music, whether they can play an instrument or not, so we thought it was time to change that. 

The way the society runs is similar to a book club. Everybody can submit an album they'd like reviewed, of any genre, and every two weeks we pick one at random. We then meet up to discuss the album, including in-depth analyses of each track from the committee and the society members who recommended the album.  

In between we host a range of socials, from our 70s themed night out to our own yearly gig that is free for society members. We also attend discounted gigs, indie nights out, and karaoke sessions.

The membership fee contributes towards all the booking fees, bar tabs and pre-drinks that we supply for members, as well as the cost of holding our gig. 

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