SocCrimSoc (Sociology, Social Policy and Criminal Justice Society)


Welcome to SocCrimSoc (Sociology, Social Policy and Criminal Justice Society)

About Us: SocCrimSoc caters to all students working towards a Sociology ,Criminology or Criminal Justice related degree. We also welcome anyone to join who is passionate and interested in these topics! This society actively promotes inclusivity and unity, offering a place for all members to meet other like-minded individuals.

Socials & Meetings: We aim to host regular socials for members of SocCrimSoc, hoping that our members develop lifelong connections during their time at university. Moreover, we plan to collaborate with other societies in order to expand social circles, while recognising the intersectionality of interests amongst various societies. And lastly, we plan to provide career information and to arrange talks from professionals within the relevant fields, supporting members in steps towards their futures.