Welcome to Architecture

Welcome to the University of Leeds Architecture Society, ArcSoc, a society for Architecture students and students interested in the world of Architecture. ArcSoc will bring you workshops, competitions and socials through the year. We are a young Society, having been established in 2020, during Covid, and had our first in person year last year, and are hoping to build and grow on that success in 2022/23.

In previous years, we have run successful “sketch with me” workshops, exploring different sketching techniques, sketching competitions with the WYSA (West Yorkshire society of Architects) and several industrial talks with industrial speakers. This year, we hope to expand our range of workshop topics, increase the number of industrial speakers in first semester, and hold more socials!

Membership is only £10, which will help us run film nights, and buy supplies for workshops. We are also particularly keen to attract more members from younger years to establish a stronger architecture community - the more members we get, the more we can do, so come along.

Contact us via our social media channels @uolarcsoc or at luuarcsoc@gmail.com.