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Welcome to the newly established University of Leeds, Architecture society, ArcSoc. A society dedicated to bringing light to the diagrammatic ,structural design world of architecture. The aims of the society are to bind together people with an intrigue and passion for architecture, design and industrial work.

ArcSoc is excited to bring you workshops , competitions and socials. During COVID we were in a state where face to face socials were not possible, but this did not stop ArcSoc. In particular, our “sketch with me” workshops, where we explore perspective sketching and more - competitions such as constructing a gingerbread structure for Christmas, as well as various son going sketching competition in conjunction with the WYSA (West Yorkshire Society of Architects) competitions.

Stay tuned for more from ArcSoc – our aims for academic year 2022 is to host seminars and talks with women in STEM (architecture), as well as have other BAME people in industry share their experiences. As a society we are ardent in brining change and light to minority groups on STEM and setting a base for students to find role models in an industry where they may feel alienated.

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