Engineering Excellence


Welcome to Engineering Excellence

Welcome to the Engineering Excellence Society. 

Would you like to boost your CV? Would you like to meet new people and expand your connections? Would you like to broaden your engineering horizons? Would you like to receive references for your future job? Then, this society is exactly for you!

Our main aim is to promote high engineering standards and developing the skills essential in the industry. The target members for this society are the students of engineering degrees, but we are open to all students interested in STEM.

We plan to achieve our aims by few different means and activities like:

- Hosting guest lectures, that will seek to expand the member’s knowledge in multiple fields of engineering and science. The potential topics would include:

a) Particular topics in engineering chosen by the lecturer that would be deemed valuable to members,

b) Manufacturing processes,

c) Design processes,

d) Documentation,

e) Law and Ethics.

f) Hosting case studies, where the audience would be split into small groups in which they would be presented with a product to which they would have to choose the right design process, material, etc.

- Providing an opportunity for students to expand their network in a society full of ambitious and knowledge-hungry individuals,

- Helping in finding a quality job in a future by organizing tutorials and lectures on topics like: how to get an industry placement, how to write a CV, how to present yourself as a best job candidate to the employer?

- Introducing students to the real industry and its standards and expanding their consciousness about a job market by hosting tours around local businesses and visiting industry conventions.