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LUU Modern Dance Society is a fun and friendly society that offers weekly classes in Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical. Our classes are all professionally taught, and range from beginners to advanced, so we really encourage you to join no matter what ability! Alongside weekly classes we also take part in shows and competitions throughout the year, as well as some amazing socials! Classes will take place in university studios. Please find more detailed information below!




5-6pm Intermediate Tap

6-7pm Advanced Tap

7-8pm Advanced Tap Competition

8-9pm Open Tap



5-8pm Intermediate Competition Rehearsals



Studio 1:

5-6pm Advanced Lyrical a

6-7pm Advanced Lyrical Competition

7-8pm Advanced Lyrical b

8-9pm Open/Inter Lyrical


Studio 2:

5-6pm Open Contemporary

6-7pm Intermediate Contemporary

7-8pm Advanced Contemporary

8-9pm Advanced Contemporary Competition



5-6pm Open Jazz

6-7pm Intermediate Jazz

7-8pm Advanced Jazz

8-9pm Advanced Jazz Comp



Membership: £25 for the whole year

Tap Classes: £25 ​per semester

Contemporary Classes: £25 per semester

Jazz Classes: £25 per semester

Lyrical Classes: £25 per semester

Competition Classes: £20 (an additional fee for competitions will be required in two installments over the year)


You must pay a membership fee and then pay for each additional class on top of that. These are all one-off payments made at the beginning of the year/semester via the shop tab on our society page.


Buying membership will not guarantee you a place in the class; please do not pay for classes unless we have confirmed your place. Membership will allow you to access our socials and other events we run throughout the year. Please get in contact with us if you have any queries.



Please DO NOT PAY for classes until we have confirmed that you have a space (this includes previous members).


The steps for sign-up are below:


1. Please visit us at the Welcome Fair on Tuesday 21st September where you will be asked to fill in a google form about your class preferences. This is not first-come first-serve so please come at any point during the day- we will still be there! You have to do this even if you are a previous member – we re-allocate classes every year to make it as fair as possible! We will allocate you to a class (Open/Intermediate/Advanced) based on your previous dance experience.


2. Wait patiently for your confirmation email. This will let you know which classes you have been allocated to and all the extra details you need to know. Please note we strive to offer everyone at least one class so you may not be given all classes that you would like. Any classes that you signed up for but did not get a place in, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list.


3. Classes begin! Our classes are due to begin the week commencing Monday 27th September. If you have been allocated a class, then feel free to treat the first class as a trial run. Membership and class fees will be due at the end of the first week of classes, so you will need to decide by then.


If you have any questions about the sign-up process, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us on any of our social media pages (linked at the top of the page). We are happy to answer any queries you may have!



We take our incredible competition teams to compete against some of the best dancers in University Competitions across the country! This of course involves a weekend away which is always lots of fun! We also host our very own competition – Let’s Dance, which has grown in size over the years, and is now a huge event involving multiple different Universities from across the UK! It literally gets bigger and better every year! Modern Dance also enters LUU Intercomp, which is a chance to compete with the other Leeds University dance societies!


If you are an enthusiastic, confident and experienced dancer we would love to have you on our competition team! We hold auditions for these during the first week of classes (you will be able to express your interest on the sign-up form); these are so chilled and very low-pressure. We can’t wait for you to WOW us!!Over the last few years we have been an incredibly successful team:


2020/21 Season (virtual):

· 1st Intermediate Tap (DMU)

· 1st Intermediate Tap (Leeds)

· 1st Intermediate Tap (Sheffield)

· 1st Advanced Tap (DMU)

· 1st Advanced Tap (Sheffield)

· 1st Intermediate Contemporary (DMU)

· 1st Advanced Lyrical (Leeds)

· 1st Advanced Lyrical (Sheffield)

· 2nd Intermediate Contemporary (Lincoln)

· 2nd Advanced Contemporary (Lincoln)

· 2nd Advanced Contemporary (Sheffield)

· 2nd Intermediate Jazz (DMU)

· 2nd Intermediate Jazz (Lincoln)

· 2nd Intermediate Jazz (Sheffield)

· 2nd Advanced Jazz (DMU)

· 2nd Advanced Jazz (Leeds)

· 3rd Advanced Tap (Leeds)

· 3rd Intermediate Tap (Lincoln)

· 3rd Intermediate Contemporary (Leeds)

· 3rd Advanced Contemporary (DMU)

· 3rd Advanced Jazz (Sheffield)

· 3rd Advanced Lyrical (DMU)

· Best Choreography: Advanced Tap (Sheffield)

· Best Costume: Advanced Lyrical (Sheffield)


2019/20 Season:

· 1st Intermediate Tap (Leeds)

· 1st Advanced Tap (Leeds)

· 1st Advanced Lyrical (Leeds)

· 1st Intermediate Tap (Leeds Beckett)

· 1st Advanced Tap (Leeds Beckett)

· 1st Advanced Contemporary (Leeds Beckett)

· 1st Advanced Tap (LUU Intercomp)

· 1st Advanced Lyrical (Newcastle)

· 1st Intermediate Tap (Nottingham Trent)

· 2nd Advanced Contemporary (Leeds)

· 2nd Inter Jazz (Leeds Beckett)

· 2nd Advanced Jazz (Leeds Beckett)

· 2nd Inter Contemporary (Leeds Beckett)

· 2nd Advanced Lyrical (Leeds Beckett)

· 2nd Tap Duet: Alicia Baron and Emma Lewis (LUU Intercomp)

· 2nd Advanced Tap (Nottingham Trent)

· 2nd Advanced Lyrical (Nottingham Trent)

· 3rd Advanced Jazz (Leeds)

· 3rd Advanced Contemporary (Nottingham Trent)

· 3rd Contemporary Solo: Karis Mooney (LUU Intercomp)

· Best Small Group Advanced Contemporary (Leeds)

· Best Concept Advanced Tap (LUU Intercomp)

· Best Team Spirit (Nottingham Trent)

· Best Costume Advanced Contemporary (Nottingham Trent)



We host our own LUU Modern Dance Showcase for all members of the society to perform to their family and friends. This has been so successful over the past few years, as it’s an amazing opportunity for all our members to bond during classes! Everyone in the society will get a chance to perform with their classes, as well as solos, duets and trios and showing off our competition dances! Our showcase will take place in May 2022!


As well as our own show we also take part in the LUU Dance Showcase which involves all of the Leeds University Dance Societies! This is a great opportunity to showcase our styles within the society as well as perform alongside some other amazing dancers.



As much as we love dancing, we can’t say no to our weekly socials! These are chances to get together, meet people from different classes, and make some amazing memories!! In previous years, we’ve been on some wild society nights out, had dress-up socials, pizza nights, Otley runs and so much more – we guarantee a fab night!


One of the biggest events of the year is our LUU Dance Ball. A time to get together with all the other dance societies, dress to impress, and have the most incredible evening!



Due to the current pandemic, we have implemented additional precautions to keep yourselves and our teachers safe. These are in-line with the current government guidelines and ensure that our classes are in a ‘COVID-19 Secure’ environment.


If you have any of the following symptoms, please DO NOT come to class:

a high temperature

a new, continuous cough

a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste



Members dance at their own risk – we have no university insurance. If you would like cover related to this activity then please feel free to seek it individually. Here are some providers that you can enquire with:

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