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The Arrhythmics Big Band

The Arrhythmics are the Leeds Medics' and Dentists' Big Band, open to any and all players, particularly those whose timetables restrict them to minimal commitment!

We play just about any style for a big band, with a solid rhythm section, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, clarinets, flutes, the works…we’re talking classics like Fly Me to The Moon, Sing Sing Sing, Robbie Williams, Cantina Band, Family Guy, Halo, whatever we fancy!

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We ‘rehearse’ (gather and play a bit, banter a bit, socialise a bit) every Wednesday from 8-10pm upstairs in (Room TBC for 2021) of the Leeds Union University building. Gigs are as regular as we want them, at least two or three per term, with opportunities for smaller ensembles or full-scale band wars.


LUU’s Old Bar is a regular every week after rehearsals, whether or not you’ve been to the rehearsal! On top of that, we often socialise before and after gigs, as well as termly meals out, jazz related film nights and tours of every pizza takeaway in Leeds.


Membership is £5 for the whole year, covering printing costs, new music, gig transport etc.

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