General Interest

Welcome to DiceSoc


It’s our mission to bring Role-Play Gaming to life at Leeds University. From One-page RPGs to D&D we cover and help manage all sorts of games!


Every Wednesday, we do open quick Role-Play Gaming sessions, and for Sundays we run a society campaign! (more details will be available once term starts)


You don’t need any experience to play with us or join in on any of our activities. Please keep in touch via Facebook, Discord or email us to find out which spaces we are allocated for our events.


If you are a player looking for opportunities to join a game or a new GM looking for new players, we'll be launching our group matcher form at the start of term time!


If you’re new or interested in D&D or any other Role-Playing Games, don’t be afraid to come talk to us on Wednesdays, Sundays and through email and Discord. We are very nice and vampire-free.


Contact us at luu.dicesoc@gmail.com

Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/3wb7T9XmQm