Welcome to Ultimate Frisbee

                       Welcome to Ultimate Frisbee!

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact team sport that combines athleticism and skill with a friendly, open culture. There are both mixed and single gender teams, and it is played at professional levels worldwide. 

How does the sport work?

Players can’t run with the disc, so must pass it to one another until a player catches it in the end zone – this is a goal. Our club attends both indoor and outdoor, serious and fun tournaments throughout the year.

What does Membership include?

  • A free training top and disc
  • Free training sessions all year round
  • Discounted tournament fees

What socials do we offer?

One main part about joining a society is the social side and at ultimate frisbee we have it covered! 

With weekly socials, we have a range of things to join in on throughout the year with a mix of drinking and none drinking socials. Obviously there are the classic termly Otley runs as well as frequent trips to mischief and our traditional house crawl. However we also take time to relax with walks in the Yorkshire dales, playing other sports and games nights. The Christmas social and End of year ball give us an opportunity to come together in style and celebrate our success within the club. We also often go to other universities to play weekend long tournaments, this not only gives us a weekend away from Leeds with our club but also allows us to meet and become friends with those across unis, especially at the Saturday night tournament socials! Frisbee socials are welcoming to all and a great place to be :)

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