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Welcome to Jiu Jitsu

LUU Jiu Jitsu Club is a friendly, welcoming martial arts club. Beginners are welcome at any time, and your first session is free. Currently, The Edge (Sports Centre) are charging £7.50 just for entry. Entry can be obtained for our training through purchasing our membership at £5 and showing confirmation of purchase to reception. To help combat these costs, when you purchase membership, your second session will be free too! (*This is subject to change in accordance to policy with the Edge)

We teach self defence – focusing on throwing, striking and locking in a safe environment. We practice multiple different scenarios in our sessions and allow our members to learn at a pace that suits them. Jiu Jitsu is also excellent for fitness, coordination and flexibility.

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Training Times

Training Times for this academic year [We train at studio 2, The Edge]:

Mondays: 20:15 - 22:30

Wednesdays: 20:15 - 22:30

Wear loose comfortable clothing and have water handy!

A year’s membership with LUU Jiu Jitsu only costs £5 which includes access to all of our Sessions, access to our private group and a discount on our own Surridge Gryphon Kit!

Our club is open to University of Leeds Students and Alumni only.
Purchase your memberships by clicking on the links below!

The club has a vibrant social scene. As well as regular pub trips to get to know each other, we have a wide range of inclusive socials. Last year these included trampolining, movie nights, bowling, and nights out. We also do joint socials with other martial arts societies!

Throughout the year we make regular trips around the country to train with other clubs. We train and compete regionally and nationally with the best instructors in The Jiu Jitsu Foundation. In recent years we have won national competitions out of over 100 other Jiu Jitsu clubs in the UK and been awarded “Club of The Year” twice.


Our Committee:

President, Jack (Accounting & Finance)

Favourite Thing About Jitsu: The people! Everybody is super supportive and up for a laugh even at the most inconvenient times. I love the little trips away to other dojo’s across the Uk whether being a national event or just a regular session - it is extremely satisfying to show other clubs why Leeds Uni Jiu Jitsu is the best club in Yorkshire!

Why I Joined: With all the stresses University life can bring, I was hoping to join a community that was supportive and push me both mentally and physically to really drive me to being my best self. The Jiu Jitsu club has 100% done this!


Secretary, Georgie (Astrophysics)

Favourite Thing About Jitsu: The fantastic people I get to train with. Everyone is so welcoming, after every session I feel so happy and relaxed. Training not only keeps you fit but is a great stress reliever. I'd always wanted to try a martial art and I'm so glad I chose Jiu Jitsu. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, boosting the confidence I have in myself.

Why I Joined: Since deciding to go to the University of Leeds I wanted to join Japanese Jiu Jitsu. My Dad had been a member of the club when he was at Leeds University and always told me how amazing it was when he was a member. It was also a fantastic way to meet new people during such an intimidating time - starting University!  


Treasurer, Jon (Astrophysics)

Favourite Thing About Jitsu: Jitsu is a great way to stay fit and de-stress in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The community is also amazing and we regularly train with other clubs, both from around Yorkshire and the rest of the country!

Why I Joined: I had done some martial arts when I was younger, and wanted to get back into one when I came to uni, and after the Give it a Go session I was sold on Jiu Jitsu and have stuck with it ever since.


Social Secretary, Bella (Natural Sciences)

Favourite Thing About Jitsu: My favourite thing about Jitsu is the growth. I’ve only been doing this art for a year but I feel like I’ve progressed further than I ever thought I could! Everyone at the club is so helpful and encouraging and the Senseis are brilliant teachers. Also the socials are always good fun (I’m not biased I promise)!

Why I Joined: I’ve been doing martial arts since I was a kid and I didn’t want to stop when I came to uni but after a heavy freshers week thought I missed all the GIAGs. When I found out Jitsu still had a taster session I headed on down and I’ve been tied since.


Weapons Officer, Kirsten (Food nutrition)

Favourite Thing About Jitsu: I love getting to know the people in the club as well as people from different places, especially when you bump into the same people from different unis at different regional or national events. I also love feeling strong and powerful in my own body, jujitsu is a great form of exercise to destress while having fun with wonderful people.

Why I Joined: I joined because I had done some jujitsu when I was younger so when I saw it as an option I though "ooh I remember enjoying that, I could pick it up again". I'm very glad I did, everyone at the club is so welcoming and I have had a great year with them.