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Leeds Celtics is one of the most successful university cheer teams in the UK.  We have five teams - co-ed and all-girl competitive squads, competitive pom dance squad and two match teams - who are all about fun, determination, and sportsmanship.

Leeds Celtics have over 10 years of award-winning seasons. Gaining and retaining many national and grand national titles. We train weekly and sessions are ran by creative and highly experienced coaches who are also Celtic and University of Leeds Alumni.

Many say that joining Celtics made their university experience and we welcome all new comers to the university to have the same amazing experiences in making friends for life whilst working hard at a sport we all love!!

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Meet the teams 


What they do: Gryphons is our Level 3 competitive tumbling cheerleading team, who are one of the most successful in the country. Level three cheerleading incorporates harder stunts, tumbling (including standing flicks, jump to flicks, roundoff tucks, roundoff flick tucks ext..), jumps and dance.

Who we’re looking for: More experienced cheerleaders, gymnasts looking to transfer to cheerleading.

Training sessions

When? Mondays & Tuesdays

What Time? 9:30pm – 11:00pm (Mon) 9:00-11:00pm (Tues)

Where? White Rose Cheer



What they do: Eagles are our highly successful, national and grand national winning Coed level 2 non-tumbling team. Eagles allow those who are new to competitive cheer to experience competitions and learn cheerleading at a fast pace. Level two cheerleading incorporates stunts, jumps and dance.

Who we’re looking for: cheerleaders, gymnastics, those who have never done cheer but are athletic, dedicated and driven to learn and compete with a successful sports team.

Training session

When? Mondays & Thursdays

What Time? 8:30-10:00pm (Mon) & 8:00-10:00pm (Thurs)

Where? White Rose Cheer (Mon) & The Edge (Thurs)



What they do: Clovers are a new team for the 23/24 season! Clovers are a Level 1 team aimed at those who have previously been apart of our match teams wanting to transition into a competition team or new comers who are completely new to cheer with a passion to learn. Level 1 consists of stunts, jumps and beginner level tumbles such as cartwheels and forward/backward walkovers. This is a super exciting addition to our society and we are so excited to welcome even more people to be part of Celtics!

Who are we looking for: Ex gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders or anyone wanting to commit to learning something new. Level 1 involves lots of stretches for flyers in the air so flexibility is a must if you are wanting this position.

Training sessions



What they do: Phoenix is our 3-time Grand Champion winning Pom Team making them the most successful Pom team in the country for the 2021-2022 season. Pom is a fast-paced dance routine with pom poms which incorporates jumps, kicks and advanced dance skills such as leaps, pirouettes and free-cartwheels.

Who we’re looking for: dancers, those who want to be involved in a dance based cheer rather than stunt.

Training session

When? Tuesdays and Fridays

What Time? 6:30-8:00pm (Tues) 6:30-8:30pm (Fri)

Where? Jade Studio – Campus (Tues) White Rose Cheer (Fri)



What they do: Lions is our non-competitive performance team who perform at the half time of sports matches for teams such as American Football and Rugby ext. We have 2 match teams, Red and Green. Lions allows girls the chance to perform outside of a competition session, learning the basics of stunting and cheerleading.

Who we’re looking for: anyone who is committed and wants to learn new things or perform at matches.

Training session

When? Tuesdays

What Time? 7-8:30pm or 8:30-10:00pm (depending on team placement)

Where? The Edge

Please note all Lions members must be available for every match which are held on either Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays or Sundays. Matches are held either every week or every other week depending on fixtures. Matches are compulsory just as training.


For more information on our teams please visit the following pages or send us an email!


Our Instagram: @uniofleedscheer

Our TikTok: @Leedscelticscheerleaders

Our Facebook: Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders

Our YouTube: Leeds Celtics


Message our captain or coaches on Facebook for specific questions


Captain: Holly Rattigan


Competition Head Coaches: Tabytha Shapps & Kathryn Sammon


Gryphons Coaches: Tabytha Shapps & Maisie Rose 


Eagles Coaches: Kathryn Sammon, Liam Fielding & Callista Bailey 


Clovers Coaches: Kathryn Sammon & Zoe Harris


Pom Coaches: Rosie Boulton-Roberts & Ciara Gasson-Hudson 


Match Coaches: Hannah Lillis & Sarah Shah 


Can’t wait to see you soon!