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Leeds University Dental Society (DentSoc) welcomes the whole of the Leeds Dental School to join one of the biggest and best dental societies in the country.

We are proud to have over 500 members, who enjoy a packed calendar full of activities ranging from the annual dental ball to sports events, as well as trips away and academic conferences. The Society is the main connection between all years and courses taught within the School of Dentistry. All in all we are committed to making sure your time at Leeds is as enjoyable, exciting, affordable and as hassle-free as possible so you can make the most out of your time here and have an experience which you’ll never forget!

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3 year membership (Dental Hygiene and Therapy)

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Membership to Dentsoc - 5 years

Committee Team

  • Alice Gleeson

    Ball Secretary

  • Amberine Wadee

    Ball Secretary

  • Shivani Dattani

    Charity Rep

  • Hannah Burn

    Hygiene And Therapy Rep

  • jumana Albaqsami

    International Representative

  • Adam Naughton

    Junior BDA Rep

  • Aysha Khan

    Junior Education Rep

  • Umair Afzal


  • Nicoletta Syllouri

    Publicity Officer

  • Gemma Robinson

    Revue Secretary

  • Teresa Truong

    Revue Secretary

  • Gaurav Bhardwaj


  • Cara Bird

    Social Secretaries

  • Caelin McDermott

    Social Secretaries

  • Vinay Samrai

    Sponsorship Officer

  • Ellena Jackson

    Sport Secs

  • Mohammed Sarfraz

    Sport Secs

  • Balneeta Bhamra


  • Harry Latham

    Vice President