Welcome to Aviation

The Leeds University Union Aviation Society (AvSoc) is the society for all things Aviation. It helps those with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for aviation to endeavour their interests whilst having a cracking time along the way. 


We host a variety of events and activities regularly throughout the academic year. With the opportunity to taste flight in a glider or powered aircraft to meeting up with people with a shared interest in all things aviation, AvSoc can make you soar high above the earth whilst you study here at Leeds.


Contact us at Aviation@luu.group


Industry professional presentations & visits

As a member of AvSoc you will have incredible opportunities to network and polish off your CV’s to get a solid foothold in the Aviation Industry. Meet commercial pilots from airlines worldwide, Air Traffic Controllers, Airport managers and Government Aviation Advisers on campus and at Airports across the country.



The AvSoc calendar is full of regular varying socials. These begin in Freshers week with our White T Shirt Party and campus renowned AvSoc Goes Bowling to our annual Christmas Dinner and regular meals and opportunities to relax and take a break from the studying.


Flying & gliding

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste flight? To take controls of an aircraft and control it through the skies? You could soon experience this and tick off a box on your bucket list or your checklist to becoming an industry professional. AvSoc provides opportunities to experience gliding at our partnered Gliding School at York Gliding Centre or to taste powered flight at airfields around Yorkshire. You’ll return to land with a grin ear to ear and will be determined to return to the skies at the next opportunity.



Standard Membership (Valid for one year): £18



How can I find out what's happening?

The best way to find out what we are up to is to actively follow us on our Facebook and Instagram social media channels. Here we regularly publish and promote our events allowing you to get involved!


Do I need experience to go flying or gliding?

Absolutely not! Our gliding and flying experiences take you from whatever experience you have. Regardless if you have never flown a glider or aircraft to having your Private Pilots License, we will cater to your experiences and needs to ensure you have a great time.


Do I need to be a member to participate in gliding and flying?

Not at all, we regularly publish our Give It A Go Gliding/Powered Flight events through the Union website. Here you can sign up and get involved for great prices. However if you are hoping to glide or fly regularly with us we would recommend becoming a member because our members are given discounted prices!


How do I sign up?

Membership fees and all of our classes will be available to buy from September onwards by clicking on ‘buy membership’ tab on the top/right of this page. You will need to buy membership before you can attend our events and socials.